Saturday, July 26, 2008

Only five more days in China!

Okay. I am ready to come home now. I am finished with my shopping and getting tired of eating out 2-3 meals per day. I really miss my kids and can't wait for Isabelle to meet her new family. Today is 103 degrees, humid and very gray air, can't see very far across the city. The pollution is getting worse every day. We really need some rain here. They say it might rain on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We all woke up with headaches, stuffy and funky eyes. The pollution is really getting to us. Isabelle is still has stuff coming out of her nose and coughing. I hope she gets better before we leave friday. I think I might need to ask Cathy for one more bottle of antibiotics. She is becoming more and more talkative and smilely everday, yet she still only wants mom. I now feel for those parents I saw on my last trip, where the child favored one parent. It makes it hard to bath or go to the bathroom, let alone eat a meal. I love her so much but, wow....holding her 22 hours per day gets tiring in this heat. Isabelle is a lot like a one year old yet, some things more like a two year old. She will now throw herself on the floor and pout if I don't pick her up immedietly. If I try to make her walk with me to the bedroom or bathroom, at times she lays down on the floor and will sob until I pick her up. She will refuse to walk. As far as food she is still having formula with rice cereal in the bottle every 3 or 4 hours. She will eat a saltine cracker, gerber puffs, coco rice crispies and sometimes drink a yogurt drink with a staw. Today she wanted my iced latte. She enjoy two sips before I cut her was almost nap time. Andrew was suprised that she would like coffee...he hates it. She will take a sip of water or juice from a regular cup, a sip of water from a water bottle. We off other foods to her at meal time fruit, egg, noodles etc. she just closes her mouth and turns her head. If I give her them in a little bowl of her own , she put the food back on my plate. She will drink with a staw. So when we get home we can make up some smoothies , soups etc and maybe she will suck them up. We will need to buy a highchair with a tray for sure. More posting later...the queen just woke up.

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