Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday night in Guangzhou, China

Yesterday Isabelle was not feeling well. She would not drink or eat much of anything. At about 11:30pm I woke up to find her burning up with a fever next to me (in my arm). Her temp was 104.7, gave her some Tylenol. She woke many more times through the night. Kevin and Andrew went to the mountain park with Nick and Rebecca at 9:00am. Isabelle and I stayed in the hotel all day. She finally started to feel a little better at the end of the day. We went to the Cow and Bridge for Thai food. We sat next to Bunny and family. Isabelle really came out of her shell tonight. She sat in the highchair or the first time at dinner. She chatted away in Chinese, smiling at everyone. She was so happy. At the end of dinner I handed her the rest of my rice with curry and she ate a few pieces of rice. THIS IS HUGE PROGRESS! After dinner we went to Jordan's make a few more purchases. Jordan could speak a little of the language spoken in Zhuhai (his grandfather was from there). When he would speak to her she would just light was wonderful. On our way back to the hotel, Isabelle wanted to get down and walk holding my hand. THIS IS A FIRST! She has only gotten off my lap twice at Starbucks for a moment. So we are making great progress. Our airplane ride home may not be quite as easy as I had thought.

Tomorrow is our medical at 10:00am....hope to post more photos then.


The Montieth Family said...

Dear Caroline,

Oh poor Isabella! I am glad to hear that she is feeling a bit better. It's horrible that she is sick, but on the upside of that it is great for your bonding with her! You must have been so proud to post that she is coming out of her shell a little more,I laughed when you commented about the possibilites for your airplane ride home! ;P *lol*!

Keep the updates coming... ... ...

"Your AAI Fans",
The Montieth Family
Waiting for Sophie (AAI)

Waitingfaithfully said...

Glad to hear that Isabelle is feeling better. Good thing for her medical exam so that she can get ears, checked out before flying . . . a 104 degree fever is scary stuff, glad it came down!

Walking and eating, and a highchair too! She's coming out! Good for you sweet Isabelle, and good for your mama's aching arms too!

Thanks for all of the pictures. And the update on Bunny's family--many sweet memories being made!

Hello to all, enjoy you last few days.

Blessings from Texas~

The Winders

chavafor4 said...

Im glad shes feeling better and feeling more comfortable in her surroundings. It should make for an interesting flight. We used benedryl with our 3 year old daughter when she came home. How is Mr Li? Are you liking him I cant wait to hear of any suggestions you have for following travelers. Thanks for blogging. I love reading it. Jenne in OR "Your AAI fans"