Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day two with BaoBao

We made it through the first night with Isabelle! I fed her a bottle of thick rice cereal and milk and she fell asleep. She slept in my arm all night, cried out twice. We woke at 5:45 am (much better then3:45am the day before for Caroline). Since Isabelle will not let me put her down...no shower for Caroline, just off to a 10 minute breakfast before we took a cab to meet the other families. We finished up the adoption paperwork with China. Tomorrow we go to the police station to apply for her passport. Then to a walmart like store for supplies. I guess we need more bottles and rice cereal. We started Isabelle on antibiotics the first day. We are also giving her Tylenol for her fever. She has a nasty cough and running nose. I hope she feels better tomorrow. So far she will only try Gerber puffs and a fish cracker occasionally. She refuses any other foods. We tried egg, rice, noodles, congee. I did get her to drink one yogurt drink with a straw! Isabelle is very sweet, quiet, yet full of smiles for Andrew. He even had her laughing tonight at dinner. She can walk but very noodle like. I would say her development is more like a one year old. She loves to copy everything Andrew does.

I will try to post a photo from this in room computer. I have not been able to get online at the hotel with my laptop. I will try Starbucks tomorrow. All of our photos are in the laptop.

We are really enjoying China and getting to know Isabelle.

Miss you all.

Caroline, Kevin, Andrew and Isabelle


The Montieth Family said...


Isabelle is SO pretty! I am loving the little bow in the hair. ;) It is great to see that she is smiling already! I hope that she is feeling better soon.

Megan Montieth and family
WAITING & Waiting for Sophie(AAI)!

Rhonda said...


Isabelle looks great! It is wonderful to see her all smiles after looking at her sad little referral photo. I hope she is feeling better real soon and that should help her with her appetite. Enjoy China and enjoy getting to know your little angel.


Rhonda (Heartsfull group)

Waitingfaithfully said...

Oh Caroline, just look at your smiling girl! Sweet sweet Isabelle, how good to see you in your mama's arms! The arms that were aching to hold you now can't put you down, oh my!

So thankful that she is smiling, and laughing! Good job big brother Andrew.

Hoping she gets feeling better very soon, and that as she does her appetite for real food kicks in! It'll happen.

Congratulations to all of you on your newest addition!

Loving the pictures! Kisses from Teddi to Isabelle!

Blessings from Texas-

Tina & and family

Sue Huber said...

One word:


Pamela said...

What a precious little girl. I'm also praying for her health. I love the pictures....Isabelle looks like a little chinese angel. CONGRADULATIONS ZOERB FAMILY!