Thursday, July 24, 2008

A little update from Guangzhou

Today is friday in Guangzhou. It is very humid and in the high 90's...a bit hot for me. Andrew is up at the roof top pool, Kevin out shopping and Isabelle napping. We are all having a wonderful time in Guangzhou. It is so nice not to be packing up and moving every few days. Much more relaxing. Isabelle is doing better and better everyday. She was very quiet at first and I could not put her down, velcro baby. She will now get down on the floor and play with her toys or sit on the couch next to me. She does prefer to be in the Ergo baby carrier. She knows she is safe in one can hold her! Kevin and Andrew can still not hold her, she will kiss them, give them five and thinks they are both funny....but, do not try and PICK ME UP! She was so well behaved the first few nights on my lap at dinner. What a treat that was. As of last night she is a regular amercian baby, grabbing everything is sights and banging anything she can reach. When I am not looking her hand was in the back pack, pulling things out. This morning I was finally able to get her to sit in the highchair at breakfast. She at a couple bites of coco rice crispies, a saltine and drank a yogurt drink with a straw....amazing. She was afraid to have her clothes off for the first few days. I would just let her sleep in her day clothes. She also cried to have her diaper changed. We have now moved passed that. This morning she enjoyed lounging around in a diaper and playing with her belly! No more crying for diaper and clothing changes. She is still mainly drinking formula with rice cereal in her special bottle with a huge hole in the nipple. I would say it is sucked down in less then one minute. During the day when we are out, she will drink straight formula in a regular nipple bottle. But, she much enjoys the rice cerelal/formula bottles. She weighs 24 lbs and could really use to gain some weight as well as muscle. She is a noodle baby. When she walks, she looks like a new one year old walker. The wind could blow her over. She likes her shoes. We bought her ten pairs today. She had to have a pair of red shiney ones...she would not put them down. Andrew says red is her color. Grace is pink and Madeline purple. Andrew picked out several beautiful red shoes for her. Today is was saying several chinese words over and over. I must find out what they mean. She also has learned mama, dada, byby, no, ni for be nice, uh oh, waves goodbye, high five and loves to give you a kiss on the lips. She is learning pat a cake and how big is Isabelle. She sees quite smart, yet developmentally behind (maybe about one year). She reminds me a bit of Grace, I think if she could crawl inside me...she would. She came to us with a fever, cough and running nose, boil on her head and a weird scar and lump on her lower spine. I started her on Zithromax on Monday, her fever is gone, nose is better, lump on spine is gone (maybe it was another boil) but, still cough in her chest. We will get that checked out when we get home. So far I have giver her only one fast bath. She does not like the tub. I took her up to the pool yesterday. She loved watching Andrew and Kevin swim. As I figured, no was was she putting her foot or even her hand in the very nice warm pool. I have never felt such a wonderful warm pool. The pool in on the roof top with a beautiful view. At night the city is beautiful with all the lights and light show along the river. We are staying in a lovely business suite on the 7Th floor of the Victory Hotel. We are in the new Victory. From our bedroom we have a view an aviary with pigeons, peacocks and a goat on the roof top. Andrew and Kevin might head to the Zoo on Sunday. I think it might be too hot for me to have Isabelle outside all afternoon. She sweats like crazy the moment we head out and all night as we sleep. I am looking forward to tomorrow morning, we meet our travel group for coffee at Starbucks. This is a very comfy Starbucks. Very large, lots of comfy chairs , wireless Internet and AC...what more could you ask for. This past week we finished up all our adoption paperwork as far as China. Now on Tuesday we go for the medical, Wednesday to the American Consulate for visa, orphanage on Thursday....home Friday!


The Montieth Family said...

Isabelle is JUST precious!!! I love her silly faces, seems like you have a little ham on your hands! ;P It's wonderful to read that she is becoming more comfortable and she sounds very intelligent!

Sincerely, Megan and Family

Waitingfaithfully said...

Great Isabelle update! She's making huge strides Caroline (though I'm sure your arms and back don't feel like it) At least she ate in the high chair, big step! Sounds like the "real" Isabelle is about to go into full swing-- Lookout world for the little girl in the red shoes!!

I just love to see her smiling! Hope Starbucks was fun. You've got one China week under your belt already-- with less than one to go. I'm sure your other kiddos are countiong the days!

Glad Isabelle is on the mend, and eating a bit.

Love from Teddi Xiao Xiao in Texas.

Tina and all