Monday, July 28, 2008

Medical Appointment

This morning we had our medical appointment for the visa. Isabelle is 25 lbs and 34 inches tall. Two doctors listened to her heart. Neither one heard the heart murmur...the ASD must have closed. This is great news...looks like no heart surgery. We had Mr. Li call the orphanage and ask about the scar on her spine. They said it was from a boil, very common with the orphange children. Isabelle had a boil on her head that was healing when we received her.

Our trip to the orphange has been cancelled do to Isabelle being so sick. Of course now she is doing much better. Today is like we have a new Isabelle. I can already tell that our 16 hour plane trip home is not going to be as easy as I originally thought!

After our medical appointment we all went to Starbucks to fill out our paperwork for the visa with Mr. Li. It was completely crazy with the kids all running around. Made it very difficult to fill out paperwork. Tomorrow Mr.Li takes our paperwork to the American Consulate. We must wait in our room until he calls us. Just in case there are any questions. We go to the American Consulate on Thursday for the swearing in and pick up visa's one hour later. We fly out Friday...and we are now very ready. Really missing our kids at home.

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The Montieth Family said...

That is WONDERFUL news about Isabelle's heart! :)

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