Thursday, March 12, 2009

Isabelle home 7 months

It is hard to believe we brought Isabelle home just over 7 months ago. The change in her is amazing. She has grown a couple inches and gained 6 pounds. She almost weighs as much as her sisters. I think she will end up being much taller then her older sisters. She has learned to eat many different foods. So far no veggies, only apple, grapes, canned peaches for fruit, variety of meat, cheese, proteins...of course crackers, no cereal or breads. As far as sweets and dessert, she loves chocolate, candy or gum...that is about it. She only drinks soy milk in her bottle and water in a cup. She now drinks soy milk from a bottle with the smallest nipple hole. This is great for her oral muscles she was never able to develop with the huge hole that was cut in her nipple (and filled with rice cereal and formula mix). She now loves and is very attached to her bottle and her yaya (target baby washcloth). She came to us not walking well and pretty weak. She now walks well, runs, jumps, swings, slides, ride bikes, dances, climbs...did I say climbs? Yes, she can get anything down by climbing or finding a chair to climb on, the girl is resourceful and determined! She has amazed me in her development. She is a very strong willed, out going little girl (like sister Madeline), she does everything they do and then some. She misses NOTHING! She copies EVERYTHING! She has learned so much in such a short period of time. She and Madeline get along great most of the time. Neither one is willing to give in...both want what they want and NOW! On the other hand Grace is the best big sister ever, maybe I should say little mother. She is so good and kind to Isabelle is amazes me. The three older boys are all wonderful with her...she crazy about all three of them. As far and bonding and attachment...all is well.

I will back up a bit and summarize 0ur adjustment over the past 7 months. It has been very hard. Much harder then our adjustment with Grace and Madeline. Isabelle has been sick most of the time. She spends so much time on antibiotics, it is crazy. She is now being test for primary ciliary dyskinesia, which the Pulmonary doctor is sure she has. It is very common in people with situs inversus. This explains why she gets sick often, has a chronic wet cough and runny nose. I feel so much better now that we have learned how to manage her illnesses. Feels like we now have better quality of life!

As far as sleep, she still wakes many times per night. I hold her to sleep and then lay her in her crib (which is next to my bed). When she wakes in the night, she comes into our bed. Where at times she sleeps more peacefully then other times. Last night was much crying. I am still trying to figure out WHY!


Kyra said...

Caroline, Thanks for the update on Isabelle and the rest of the family. I am happy that she is thriving so well under the loving attention of her siblings.
I am sad to read she has so many colds and is still not sleeping through the night though. I hope that an answer can be found to remedy that. Must be very hard on your energy levels throughout the day.
I found it very interesting that Isabelle calls her 'lovie' yaya. That is exactly the name Noelle called her blanket too. Must have been something they remembered from China.
Thanks again for sharing your lovely family pictures, memories and blog.
Fondly, Kyra
PS Love the outfit too:-). She is indeed a cutie.

Ashley said...

What a beautiful family! Isabelle looks so happy with her sisters - I love their dresses.